As NUBIF aspires to connect Nigeria with the United Kingdom of Great Britain in all sectors of the economy, it is important that our sponsors are aware of the tremendous benefits of participating in this NUBIF initiative.

Investment Opportunities in Nigeria

Solid Minerals

Nigeria is blessed with numerous reserves of mineral resources and the sector is virtually stagnant.


The sector grew by an estimated 7.7% in 2007, compared to growth of 7.4% in 2006, and is expected to grow. 

Oil & Gas

 Small and medium size enterprises (SMEs) can create a thriving business in the Oil and Gas sector


With its massive population, there exists in Nigeria huge volumes of organic wastes which portend more than enough opportunities for conversion of waste to electric energy

Shipping & Logistics

Nigeria is a leading maritime country with enormous natural maritime resources and a major hub for local and international trade. There are abundant of Opportunities..

…and More

More Opportunities are available in Nigeria, and with the right investment, small and big business thrive in the current business-friendly environment. The government…..


‘Investment in knowledge pays the best interest’ – Ben Franklin. This is the basis upon which NUBIF will operate as we believe that education is the bedrock of personal development. To facilitate this, NUBIF will partner with Global Education Resources Limited and will be promoted by Adrian James (UK) Limited. 

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