About Us

NUBIF was founded with the primary aim of connecting potential UK investors and business owners (including government business entities) in Nigeria in all sectors of the economy. NUBIF intends to bridge the gap between these potential investors and relevant business establishments in Nigeria – officially the largest economy in African.

Our Vision

  • To promote business and investment opportunities in Nigeria – the largest African economy.

Our Mission

  • To work with and encourage Nigerians and other Africans in diaspora and various business entities in the UK such that they are able to  recognise the rewards and benefits of doing business in and with Nigeria
  • To continue to seek and create awareness of business and investment opportunities in Nigeria among Nigerians and other Africans in diaspora as well as other UK business entities

Therefore, NUBIF’s main aspiration is to enable new businesses to be formed and existing ones to be developed in Nigeria by Nigerians and friends of Nigeria and thus create improved employment opportunities for people locally and generally for Nigerians in diaspora who may be keen to go back home. NUBIF is supported by the Nigeria High Commission. 

‘Investment in knowledge pays the best interest’ – Ben Franklin. This is the basis upon which NUBIF will operate as we believe that education is the bedrock of personal development. To facilitate this, NUBIF will partner with Global Education Resources Limited and will be promoted by Adrian James (UK) Limited. 

We will facilitate seminars and conferences where potential investors will meet various Nigerian business entities and where deals can be struck among them.  

We intend to work with other partners, sponsors, advisers and others who may want to benefit from the massive opportunities that are available in Nigeria.

Let’s build something together.

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