Oil & Gas

The notion that your company may need to be able to rival other existing comparably big
companies like Shell in order to profit from oil and natural gas reserves is quite misleading.
Even small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) can create a thriving business in the Oil and
Gas sector.

As there are opportunities to invest in everything from equipment leasing to fuel
haulage, it makes sense to decide on where your strengths lie and then pursue them.
To capitalise on Nigeria’s huge gas reserves, a potential investor could also look into investing
in tools manufacturing, small refineries, oil and gas consulting, petrol filling stations or retailing
cooking gas. Private sector investors might also consider investing in gas-fuelled power
stations. This simply is a great deal of smart thinking currently taking place within the Nigerian
oil and gas sector as a result of acute shortage of power supply.
Again, there are numerous incentives for potential investors in Oil and Gas.

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