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The Nigerian-UK Business & Investment Forum (NUBIF) is promoted by Adrian James (UK) Limited. 

Welcome To The Nigeria-UK Busness & Investment Forum

We are delighted to welcome you to the website of NUBIF (Nigeria-UK Business and Investment Forum). We aim to provide you with concise and up-to-date information which will help you to discover tremendous business and investment opportunities that are available in Nigeria on a regular basis. You will find out that Nigeria is indeed a sleeping economic giant of Africa.

There is no denying the fact that Africa and particularly Nigeria remains under-developed. For example, agriculture still remains largely unmechanised. And with a population of about 170millions, Nigeria serves as a potentially huge market even for common buying and selling business transactions.

The federal government has introduced a number of incentives to attract foreign investments in various sectors of the economy including solid minerals, oil and gas, agriculture, real estate, energy and shipping/logistics.

I hope you will find the information on this site very rewarding as you participate in our efforts to promote business and investment opportunities in Nigeria. 

Ade Arogundade

Chief Executive Officer, NUBIF

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NUBIF will continue to promote business and investment opportunities in Nigeria and in the process create an enabling environment for big and small businesses to be set-up and developed and thus create employment opportunities for Nigerians.

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  • Ade Arogundade
  • Chief Executive Officer, NUBIF
  • Tel. +447956916741 (UK)   
  • +2348184925426 (Nigeria)
  • Email Address: adearogundade@nubif.org
  • Steve Cappa
  • Chairman, NUBIF Steering Committee
  • Tel. +44 7976889668 (UK)   
  • Email Address: stevecappa@nubif.org

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